Rough Day for a Paleo Wannabe

Trying to eat paleo for Thanksgiving is a tough thing when your family doesn’t eat that way. I pretty much planned for the holiday to be a bust, within reason of course,  but I  figured I would arm myself with at least one dish and one dessert.

So here you have it…

Smoky, Lemony Shredded Brussels Sprouts


This dish was the first one to disappear on the buffet line! Check the recipe out here.

Coconut Love Pumpkin Pie Bars


I got to come home with some leftovers of these,  but what can you expect I suppose when there’s many delicious choices starring at you on the dessert table. This is a yummy,  simple,  cold dessert recipe.  Look here to find this recipe. 

I was able to come away from the table without doing too much damage. 

Since Thanksgiving there have been a lot of good WODs, some shopping, and movie watching. I am heading to Catching Fire in a couple hours with my cousin,  I’ve heard it’s awesome,  so I can’t wait!

Hoe was your Thanksgiving weekend?

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