I will be referring to December as Runcember this year, as I am using this month to re-dedicate myself to running. The past two months have been very shaky with running, and I mean I probably put the kicks on about 5 times. I signed up for the Monster Series last month, so with the races I am already signed up in the back of my mind I need to get back in the saddle! Here’s what my line up looks like for 2014…

Get Lucky 7K


Minneapolis MARATHON


Women Rock Half Marathon


Monster Dash


I know there will be more races that I jump in on, but these will be the ones I focus on this year….especially that marathon (#2)!

I got my first run of Runcember in with a 6 miler with my running partner who I haven’t seen in months! Awesome 25 and sunny day out there, great for midwest winter running!

Anyone running any of these?

What do you do to motivate yourself to run?

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