12 Days of Christmas


Just wanted to send a little reminder that this is often  a very high stress day and time or year, so take some time to take some time to yourself if you need to relax. Read a book. Sip some coffee in silence. Go for a run. Whatever works for you.

12 Days of Christmas WOD

This was the WOD at the box today.  Complete as if singing the song,  for example, start with 1 power clean, then 2 kb sit ups and 1 clean,  then 3 push press…



Merry Christmas to all!

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2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. My daughter and her husband own the “Mortal Crossfit” box in Georgetown TX…..so I can honestly say that I understand your Christmas song completely! I didn’t know what WOD meant a year ago, but I know now!!

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