And Thus Begins Marathon Training

I’ve been doing an awful lot of CrossFitting the last five months, because I love it…the social, physical, mental, and competitive aspects of it.  This being said, that means I have not been leaving much time for running, what now I think is my second physical activity love. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that before the new year I signed up for a marathon in June, and today is the official start to my marathon training!  Yikes!

This will be my second marathon. My first marathon I had a training partner for the long runs.  As of late she has had some personal things to take care of, so I will be doing my long run training on my own, unless I can con some other friends into the task.  As sad as I am that I won’t be able to regularly run with someone, I am excited for the challenge. I think CrossFit has really toughed up my mental game from where it was 15 months ago when I ran my first 26.2.

Another thing that will be different this time around is my diet.  Although I can’t seem to go 100% paleo, I would say I am about 70/30 , aiming for an 80/20 balance.  Even at 70% paleo, I know my body will be running on completely different fuel than what it ran on the last time I tackled this feat.  I am excited to see how my body responds while running on a much better diet.  Last marathon my body crashed, I did not have enough fuel, because my body could not stomach the sweet Gatorade and Snickers bars I was fueling with…yes, I know, what was I thinking?!

So, here goes nothing…marathon training #2.


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