The Truth About Chemicals

Yesterday my boyfriend sent this article to me, an article that reminds me why I try to eat natures food. No, I’m not perfect, I have my slip ups and times that I eat out socially, but the good decisions outweigh the bad decisions.

This post is not meant to attack any company or particular food, I am sharing it to raise awareness to our modern day eating habits.  Somewhere over the course of time, we have gotten away from eating fruits and vegetables, some even thinking they are bad to eat because they have carbohydrates in them! Instead now, in our modern diet, the diet we day after day feed ourselves, our children, and loved ones with we eat chemicals that are found in cosmetics, rubber, petroleum, hair products, and many, many more products. Leave the labels of paleo, vegetarian, etc. out…and just plain eat clean, eat fresh, make it a lifestyle change. 







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