Sweat It Sunday #2

Since last Sweat It Sunday post I have begun my marathon training so there will be a lot more running seen in my weekly workout recaps.

Sweat It Sunday 2Total running mileage this week: 7.25

I am just getting used to heavier weights in the gym, so I had a number of PRs this week (back squat, deadlift, snatch, clean and jerk)!  I can tell I have a lot of room to improve on my lifts, so I’m sure there will be many more PRs before I start to plateau a little.

One of my friends is having some issues with her Achilles tendon, so her doctor told her she cannot run so she has been rowing to keep up her endurance…remind me to never let her rope me into her crazy shenanigans again! This row substituted my 6 mile run yesterday…I should have just gone for the run it would have been far easier! I felt so accomplished when I finally finished, but my bum is suffering from some severe chaffing, ouch!

Half Marathon Row

What was your biggest workout accomplishment for the week?


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