Sweat It Sunday #8

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8:00 EMOM @ 60% 1RM

Clean + hang clean + high hand clean [85#]


1000 m row
– then-
Mountain climbers
egg rolls

Score: 9:59



HSPU 5, 1, 1, (first set with 1 ab mat, then no ab mats)
Pushups 3 x 7
Pistols 3 x 5/5


Snatch deadlift + snatch (2+1) @ 70% [75#]
Power clean + front squat + push jerk 5 x (1+1+1) @ 80% push jerk 1RM [two at 105#, 115#, two at 125#]
Overhead squat 5×2 @ 80% 1RM [three sets at 85#, two at 95#]



30:00 AMRAP

25 pullups
25 overhead squats [65#]
25 pistols
25 front squats [65#]

Score: 279


4 mile run

14.5 Thruster


14.5 Burpee

14.5 the final CrossFit Open WOD


Thrusters [65#]
Burpees over the bar

K.I.L.L.E.R. Not very many other ways to describe this workout.  I was happy to see a workout that I would actually be able to do the whole thing. See my previous posts about my Open WOD struggles.  Even though I was happy, I also knew it was going to be me vs. the clock, the only way to be done with this WOD was to finish or quit, and quitting was not an option.  In the end I was happy with my time…16:29.


12.15 mile run in 2:03

I woke up and my legs were uber sore, so I figured I would just wait it out and run the 12 tomorrow, but then around 3 o’clock I felt like running, so I figured I would go out and see what my legs had left in them.  Somehow I turned around and pulled off 12 miles even though my legs were fried from the combination of Wednesdays and Fridays workouts.


I was very happy this morning when I just got to lay around and recover and not have to do a long run….especially after being out celebrating the Wisconsin win!!   A short little 20 minute walk was the extent of my activity today.



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Sweat It Sunday #7

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Skill: Toes 2 bar


20 wall ball
15 burpees
10 v-ups


3.5 mile morning run

Skills: 3 x 3-5

Chest 2 bar (green band)
HSPU (1 ab mat/no ab mat)
Ring dips (green)

Olyfit WOD:

Hang power snatch + hang snatch @ 75% (1+1)x5 [85#]
Power clean 1×3 @ 60% [95#] (all reps touch and go)
@ 65% [105%]
@ 70% [115%]
@ 75% [125%]
Clean pull down (feet on blue plates) 5×2 @110% [155%]


Skill: Pullups

WOD: 16:00 AMRAP

Squat clean [95#]
KBS [40#]
Box Jumps [20 inch]

Rep scheme: 111…222…333…444….

Score: 9 rounds + 10 reps


7:00 warm up jog

20:00 AMRAP
200 m run
30 second rest

3:00 cool down jog

I made it through 13-200 m sprints, I definitely started out too conservatively around 7.0 on the treadmill, because by the time I finished I was doing 8.5.


WOD: 14.4

14:00 cap
60 calorie row
50 toes 2 bar
40 wall ball
30 power cleans (95#)
20 muscle ups

Score: 97

This was an incredibly unlucky draw for me.  I am not efficient at toes 2 bar, hence the fact that I did no even make it through that movement, but I can plow through wall balls and power cleans, so it was disappointing to see the movements to be in that particular order. I thought for sure I would make it through the toes 2 bar, but instead I no-repped probably close to as many good reps I did.
 photo 20140321_180956_zpsvs1tbeb0.jpg



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Sweat It Sunday #6

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Strength: :30 on, :30 off for 10:00
MB Situp Throws (12# ball)

Skill: Toes 2 Bar

WOD: 3 x 4:00 AMRAP

Round 1
10 Kettlebell Swings
14 DB Thrusters (20#)

Round 2
12 DB Thrusters (20#)

Round 3
10 Thrusters

Scores: 79, 76, 72

30 minute walk in the evening


3 miles


WOD: 25:00 AMRAP

30 DU
30 Box Jumps
30 DB Single Arm Snatch (25#)
30 Wall Ball (12#)

Score: 547


3 miles


WOD: 14.3  8:00 Cap

10 Deadlifts 95#
15 Box Jumps
15 Deadlifts 135#
15 Box Jumps
20 Deadlifts 155#
15 Box Jumps
25 Deadlifts 185#
15 Box Jumps
30 Deadlifts 205#
15 Box Jumps

Score: 97

185# kicked my butt…and my back! As much as I would like to retry this one, I don’t think it is worth the wear and tear on my back.  As a personal trainer, I was not very happy to see this WOD show up.  It’s not the movements, it the increased weight with increased reps. Yes, people should be able to step away and say this is too heavy or I’m too fatigued to continue, but in the competitive environment that is very unlikely to happen.  Instead people get their backs all jacked up or throw it out like I saw someone do at my box.  It is just a very dangerously designed WOD.


Get Lucky 7K race!

Get Lucky 7k Results photo Get_Lucky_7k_Results_zpsc4b163e4.png

Get Lucky 7k Details photo Get_Lucky_7k_Results_2_zpsf14618f7.png

This was my first race of the season, and boy am I out of practice!  I forgot to plug in my phone, so I started by *luckily* waking up to my internal alarm clock; then nearly forgot my race packet and chip because it’s so foreign to me to have to pin a number on myself; I way under dressed for the weather and the fact that we would be running along the river…but once I got to the race site, I felt ready to rock. The Get Lucky was a fun race environment and full of green costumes! My only complaint was the line up of pacing.  On the website it said they would send out elite, 7 and 8 minute paces out right away at 9am, and then 9 and 10 minute paces would follow at 9:15am, finally ending with 11 minute and slower paces as the last heat.  Well between the announcements being muffled and unclear and people just not knowing where to place themselves, there were tons of walkers/slower paced people in front of me, to the point that when I reached the finish line I had to dodge some walkers to cross it. Very frustrating.  I know this is a fun run, but I also wanted to see what I was capable of coming into my first race of the season.  I am happy with my time, but I know I could have been faster had I not had to dodge runners/walkers the whole 7k.  Again, other than that is was a great race, complete with Irish bands on the course and beer at the finish.

Get Lucky Bib


Today will be a recovery day from 14.3…time to get out the foam roller, lacrosse ball and compression socks.

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Sweat It Sunday #5

Sweat It Sunday


Skill: Toes 2 Bar

WOD: 12:00 AMRAP

9 Overhead Squats (65#)
6 Pistols
3 HSPU (1 ab mat)

Lost track of my rounds for this one, so no score



Skill: Toes 2 Bar

Strength: E2MOM for 10:00

Front Squat + Jerk (3 +1) x 5 increasing weight
(75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#)

WOD: Grace

30 Ground 2 Overhead (95#)

Score: 3:34


4 mile run at noon

-then in PM-

Strength: Top down snatch work

Power snatch + Snatch Push Press + OHS (1 + 5 + 2)

WOD: 3 rounds NOT for time

5 Power Snatch (65#)
5 Seated Box Jumps (sit on 12 in. jump to 24 in.)


14.2 WOD:

3:00 to complete 2 rounds, rest the remainder of the time if complete, then go on next 3 minutes while adding 2 reps to each exercise

10 Overhead Squats
10 Chest 2 Bar

Score: 12

Open WOD 14.2

Open WOD 14.2

My box has been hosting a Open workout session each Friday evening, it makes it feel a little bit more like a real competition.  I had muscles ups and toes 2 bar on my radar as movements that would knock me down (cannot do muscle ups at all, and struggle with toes 2 bar), but for some reason I never thought of chest 2 bar, so when I saw that on Thursday night I had no idea what would happen in the WOD.  I have never attempted a chest 2 bar, I can knock out kipping pull ups, but I’ve never attempted C2B.  Looks like I have another skill to work on now!


Partner WOD:

5000m Row
ME Bear Complex (95#)

Break up rowing however you and your partner decide. Score = Row Time – Bear Complex Reps

Score: 23:24 (time = 24:15, reps = 51)


7.75 mile run…OUTSIDE!

I was supposed to run 9 today, however, I just didn’t have motivation. I finally told myself around 5 pm that I was just going to go out and see what happened, one mile is better than none, right? Once I finally got outside, I felt much better and couldn’t say no to the fantastic weather.  After 50 some odd days below zero this year, I was happy to splash through puddles and slush in the 36 degree heat wave outside.

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Sweat It Sunday

A hair late on my Sweat It Sunday post, oops! My running mileage is starting to increase slowly.  This week I did two “long runs” one was Monday, which I was supposed to do Saturday or Sunday of last week, but my workouts got swapped around due to some travel, and the other one was Sunday. The CrossFit Open began, so you’ll see the Open WODs in here for the next month. 


7 miles

Normally do CrossFit Monday mornings, but made it to the box and realized I had no shoes!  Coffee shop and some meal planning for the week took its place.


3.5 miles



500m Row
10 DB Snatches (25#)
15 Toes 2 Bar (my worst enemy)
20 Wall balls


OlyFit WOD:

Snatch @ 70% 3 x 2 (75#)
Power Clean + Power Jerk @ 80% 2 reps (115#)
                                          @ 85% 1 rep (120#)
                                          @ 90% 1 rep (125#)
Push Press @ 80% 3 reps (75#)
                   @ 85% 2 reps (95#) –> wasn’t sure of my push press 1RM so played around with it
                   @ heavy single rep (125#)


Open WOD 14.1: 10:00 AMRAP

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches (55#)

Score: 300 reps

SATURDAY – Rest/Walk


8 miles


Total Miles: 18.5