Sweat It Sunday #7

 photo 57b62c6c-774c-4766-b493-4c30ff186170_zpsd10e1748.png

Skill: Toes 2 bar


20 wall ball
15 burpees
10 v-ups


3.5 mile morning run

Skills: 3 x 3-5

Chest 2 bar (green band)
HSPU (1 ab mat/no ab mat)
Ring dips (green)

Olyfit WOD:

Hang power snatch + hang snatch @ 75% (1+1)x5 [85#]
Power clean 1×3 @ 60% [95#] (all reps touch and go)
@ 65% [105%]
@ 70% [115%]
@ 75% [125%]
Clean pull down (feet on blue plates) 5×2 @110% [155%]


Skill: Pullups

WOD: 16:00 AMRAP

Squat clean [95#]
KBS [40#]
Box Jumps [20 inch]

Rep scheme: 111…222…333…444….

Score: 9 rounds + 10 reps


7:00 warm up jog

20:00 AMRAP
200 m run
30 second rest

3:00 cool down jog

I made it through 13-200 m sprints, I definitely started out too conservatively around 7.0 on the treadmill, because by the time I finished I was doing 8.5.


WOD: 14.4

14:00 cap
60 calorie row
50 toes 2 bar
40 wall ball
30 power cleans (95#)
20 muscle ups

Score: 97

This was an incredibly unlucky draw for me.  I am not efficient at toes 2 bar, hence the fact that I did no even make it through that movement, but I can plow through wall balls and power cleans, so it was disappointing to see the movements to be in that particular order. I thought for sure I would make it through the toes 2 bar, but instead I no-repped probably close to as many good reps I did.
 photo 20140321_180956_zpsvs1tbeb0.jpg



4 miles… delayed long run, because I’m a wimp and don’t want to run 12 miles in 15 degree weather. #hurryupspring

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