Sweat It Sunday #8

 photo 57b62c6c-774c-4766-b493-4c30ff186170_zpsd10e1748.png



8:00 EMOM @ 60% 1RM

Clean + hang clean + high hand clean [85#]


1000 m row
– then-
Mountain climbers
egg rolls

Score: 9:59



HSPU 5, 1, 1, (first set with 1 ab mat, then no ab mats)
Pushups 3 x 7
Pistols 3 x 5/5


Snatch deadlift + snatch (2+1) @ 70% [75#]
Power clean + front squat + push jerk 5 x (1+1+1) @ 80% push jerk 1RM [two at 105#, 115#, two at 125#]
Overhead squat 5×2 @ 80% 1RM [three sets at 85#, two at 95#]



30:00 AMRAP

25 pullups
25 overhead squats [65#]
25 pistols
25 front squats [65#]

Score: 279


4 mile run

14.5 Thruster


14.5 Burpee

14.5 the final CrossFit Open WOD


Thrusters [65#]
Burpees over the bar

K.I.L.L.E.R. Not very many other ways to describe this workout.  I was happy to see a workout that I would actually be able to do the whole thing. See my previous posts about my Open WOD struggles.  Even though I was happy, I also knew it was going to be me vs. the clock, the only way to be done with this WOD was to finish or quit, and quitting was not an option.  In the end I was happy with my time…16:29.


12.15 mile run in 2:03

I woke up and my legs were uber sore, so I figured I would just wait it out and run the 12 tomorrow, but then around 3 o’clock I felt like running, so I figured I would go out and see what my legs had left in them.  Somehow I turned around and pulled off 12 miles even though my legs were fried from the combination of Wednesdays and Fridays workouts.


I was very happy this morning when I just got to lay around and recover and not have to do a long run….especially after being out celebrating the Wisconsin win!!   A short little 20 minute walk was the extent of my activity today.



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