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I’m just a normal girl-next-door who likes to live by the seat of her pants. There are three things I love in life (aside from family and friends): working out, food, and coffee.   I grew up gifted in athletics, but definitely not endurance sports.   Two years ago my friend bribed me into running my first half marathon.  Since then I have been working on my endurance and trying to become better everyday.  On my Races tab you can see all the races I have run and follow me as I try to break some PRs.


As a fitness professional (NSCA – CSCS, NETA Group Fitness Certified) I like to try my hand in a number of physical activities so I can relate to others, some things I enjoy doing are: CrossFit, basketball, running, biking, rollerblading, volleyball, rowing…swimming -NOT- can someone please teach me to swim!  Although I love running and competing, this blog isn’t all about running because I am a girl of adventure and like to keep things fresh!   You can expect to see a lot of workouts, family, adventures, recipe, and mundane life events.  I hope you enjoy reading about all my fit-ventures!


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