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Paleo Challenge #2

Paleo Challenge

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Trip to Michigan for a conference and the only two pictures I have to show for it are from sitting in traffic during the big crash near Michigan City and a quick snapshot of the  Hyperfit box I visited in Ann Arbor.  #phoneproblems
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Even though we live in Wisconsin, we love it down south, so up goes the Mardi Gras tree!
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And last, but not least, 2014 goals!  I will touch more on these in an upcoming post.

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My Two New Go-To Paleo Recipes

A quick little Runcember update, before I get to the recipes. As I mentioned last time I was challenging myself this month to get back out there and run, I had been getting lazy with my running and only ran a handful of times in November. Well so far I have been running three times a week anywhere from 3-6 miles at a time. This seems very elementary, but I am trying to do this safely to avoid injury. My running has been split in half between running on the treadmill and running outside since the temperature dropped…last week was bitterly cold sometimes barely making it to zero, brr! I plan to continue the same distances, but add in an extra run to make it four runs a week to get my base mileage to 20 miles a week consistently. Okay enough about running…

I scored big time with the two recipes I tried out this weekend! One quick lunch or dinner time meal and one mouth-watering dessert…

Please note this is the first time my picture of a recipe has looked anything like the original bloggers it actually looks appetizing!

3 eggs
3 c coconut flour
1 Tbsp oregano
1 Tbsp basil
1 Tbsp thyme
3-4 lb chicken breast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut chicken into 1″ strips. Separate egg yolk and whites. Beat egg whites with 2 Tbsp of water in a bowl. Toss around chicken and ensure they are covered. Combine dry ingredients in another bowl and mix. Add coated chicken into spice mixture and cover fully. Pace chicken on parchment paper and bake for 10-12 minutes then flip over and bake for 8-10 more minutes. Remove and let cool.


1 c unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 c almond flour
1/4 c cocoa powder
1/4 c pumpkin purée
1/4 c honey
2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of salt

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Add in pumpkin, honey, coconut oil, and vanilla, and stir well until all ingredients have been evenly incorporated. Use a medium cookie scoop or tablespoon and scoop round balls onto a plate or cookie sheet. Place in refrigerator for at least an hour to solidify. Store in refrigerator or freezer and serve cold.

I cannot tell you how addicting these macaroons are! I could hardly wait for them to solidify before I ate them. I recommend make a double or triple batch, I only got about 9 balls out of this recipe. This recipe is the perfect testament to skeptics that paleo can still be delicious!


I will be referring to December as Runcember this year, as I am using this month to re-dedicate myself to running. The past two months have been very shaky with running, and I mean I probably put the kicks on about 5 times. I signed up for the Monster Series last month, so with the races I am already signed up in the back of my mind I need to get back in the saddle! Here’s what my line up looks like for 2014…

Get Lucky 7K


Minneapolis MARATHON


Women Rock Half Marathon


Monster Dash


I know there will be more races that I jump in on, but these will be the ones I focus on this year….especially that marathon (#2)!

I got my first run of Runcember in with a 6 miler with my running partner who I haven’t seen in months! Awesome 25 and sunny day out there, great for midwest winter running!

Anyone running any of these?

What do you do to motivate yourself to run?

Changes Since Beginning Paleo Challenge

Since beginning the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, my diet has cleaned up significantly!  I was always that person who was apparently healthy and worked out regularly, so no one has ever questioned me and told me I need to get healthier…except my boyfriend.  Now don’t get me wrong he is not trying to get me to lose weight, in fact he would prefer I gain a little weight, however, we have had many discussions about him cleaning up his diet and losing some weight, but have never focused on me since my weight is at a healthy level.  Recently he has pointed out that I don’t help in his weight loss/get healthy journey.  For example, I always do the cooking, so many nights I would just make macaroni and cheese or lasagna, I love my comfort food.  So with his help I realized that just because I am at a reasonable weight, does not mean that I am healthy.  No, I never had a health scare to help me realize I need to clean things up and I’m happy that I am being pro-active, rather than responsive in my journey.  We just both want to be around to spend many years together, so we’re in this together.

Jed and I


Since I have begun my Paleo Challenge journey I have made a number of small changes that have made a big difference in my diet and my health…

  1. Eat three food groups at breakfast. First of all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is one that I have always loved.  I used to be a bread or oatmeal eater (note: I still don’t think oatmeal is “bad” for you and after my challenge I may bring it back in my regular breakfast rotation) for breakfast, but I never got a good variety in my meal.  The majority of my breakfast was always carbs, which did not leave me full for very long.  Now I try to make sure my breakfast includes protein, carbs and healthy fats.  For example fruit, eggs and paleo bread. 
  2. Meatless Monday. Prior to this journey I did not eat a lot of meat, now I eat much more.  I have conflicting feelings on this based on a number of research readings I have done, but for now I continue to have meat in my diet.  I do like to have one day a week that is meatless though, primarily because meat is fatty and I cannot afford to buy the best of the best paleo approved meat that is lower in fat/hormones/other junk.  On these Meatless Mondays (or which ever day works in any given week) I like to make vegetarian meals like spaghetti squash lasagna or veggie stir fry.  
  3. Fill half your plate with produce.  This has been one of the biggest changes for me, bulking up my meals with fruit and vegetables rather than processed carbs.  Eating produce as my carb source I leave the table feeling satisfied, but not sluggish and bloated.  Filling up on produce rather than processed carbs helps keep my body healthy, reduces inflammation, and helps control my blood sugar better so I don’t experience any “crashes” during the day.  And an added bonus, as you fill up on produce it leaves you with less room for high calorie sides and desserts.
  4. Get more calcium. My normal sources of calcium- milk, cheese, yogurt – are out of the picture during the challenge, so it is important to me to continue getting enough calcium to keep my body in balance.  Some of the sources that I focus on now to get my daily calcium dose are spinach, kale, okra, salmon, and broccoli.  It is definitely more challenging, but it also forces me to make conscious decisions about my diet, no more mindless eating.
  5. Upgrade salad greens. We used to buy the bagged lettuce, but especially for the purpose of calcium, we have begun purchasing darker, more colorful greens.  Darker greens provide more fiber, calcium, vitamin c, and iron.
  6. Ditch the packaged diet food. Ditching packaged, processed food is the basis of the Paleo lifestyle.  I used to think if I was getting “healthy” grab-and-go bars or low-calorie snacks I was being healthy.  I realize now that choosing fresh fruit or homemade fruit and nut bars is the way to go.  Again by eating these I feel fuller, longer and do not experience cravings for more sweet stuff.  A bonus… you don’t ingest ingredients that you can’t pronounce or recognize on the back of the package.
  7. Redefine dessert. Since I have cut out processed carbs, I do not crave sweets, it’s amazing!  If I have a cheat meal, I instantly crave a luscious, indulgent dessert to follow it up, but when I eat clean I don’t feel the need.  I like to make 3 ingredient bars and eat fruit for dessert now.  I haven’t played around with paleo dessert recipes as much, but I have seen a number of yummy things I would like to try out.

I will be sharing the paleo bread and 3 ingredient bar recipes that I mentioned above tomorrow, so be sure to stop back!

Paleo Challenge

As a fitness professional you may think I don’t need to work on my diet, but let me tell you pizza and macaroni and cheese are my best friends! My crossfit box is part of a national challenge, Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, and when I heard about it I knew I had to sign up.

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to commit to 100% paleo but that wasn’t my goal. My goal for this challenge is to clean up my diet and see the world of food from a different light. I am in week two of the challenge and was faced with challenges right off the bat…a wedding. Not only attending a wedding, but being in a wedding so it was a three day long thing! It was a blast, but I did sacrifice my diet a little…but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t want to stop living, and enjoying things I used to, I just want to be more conscious of what I eat. So although it was a challenge, I made much better choices then I would have otherwise.


So what all does this challenge entail?

Diet stats obviously. These are tracked just by entering whether each meal was clean or a cheat. Clean meals are worth +2 and cheat meals are -3. At the end of each day you login and enter this data, if you have a busy week you have 5 days to get any single day entered in.

WODs. There are 10 WODs to do throughout the challenge. There were three in the first two weeks, and then there after it will be one per week. You can do these anytime you want, but they have to be done at a box and are supposed to be supervised by a coach. Along with the WODs you also have to get basic measurements done at your box by a coach.

Goals. They have a list of goals you can pick from, some are very specific, like “I want to do a handstand push-up with 1 mat” , and some are very general, like “I want to workout 5times a week”. You choose, you conquer.

Food Adventures. This is an area in which you can enter recipes you have tried and liked. I will definitely be sharing some of my favorites over the remaining 6 weeks of the challenge.

And the final cool feature of the challenge is you can see where you stack up against other participants at your gym and across the nation in you WODs and diet.

Each of the above mentioned things has a point value designated to it. Throughout the challenge they give out prizes for various achievements and do random prize drawings, so it gives you some incentive to eat clean and workout hard.

So far I’ve really enjoyed my experience, next challenge up…my birthday weekend is this weekend! Wish me luck with all my lunch/dinner dates I have.