One Month Resolution Check In

In my last post, I posted my goals for the new year.  This year my goals were different from any other year; this year, these are things I really want to happen.  In the past I have wanted things to happen, but have never had my heart in them.
2014 Goals photo Capture

So what does progress look like with my 2014 resolutions?

  • Marathon training will officially begin next week, so I am excited to start tackling the first goal on my list.
  • The CrossFit Open begins at the end of February, this kid will be signing up soon!  My coaches have been encouraging me to do this for a while, so I am really excited to get going.  My strengths: pistols, pull ups, Olympic lifting. My weaknesses: toes-to-bar, push ups, handstand push ups (I can do 5 with one ab mat…strength, weakness, or somewhere in between I’m not sure). I have been nailing all bullet points on this goal, which I am very proud of and has really been showing through on my skills.
  • Paleo has been tough with some recent travel, Super Bowl parties, and just life.  However, I am always thinking about paleo and when I make a poor decision, it is a conscious decision, which I would count as progress because it’s not mindless eating.  For the most part I have been doing a good job preparing breakfast and snack items on the weekends. Leftovers don’t seem to last too long in this household, so I still opt to make meals each night rather then prep at the beginning of the week.
  • Without even thinking about it, I have been doing about 15 minutes of organization/cleaning each afternoon when I get home.  I feel like I can just never stay on top of things, so baby steps are the only way.
  • So far I have been leaving my savings alone…boom.  Now to keep it going for the next 11 months of the year.