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It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged, things got off track after taking a trip to Nashville then coming back and finishing up the school year. Well here’s what’s been happening…

Derby party.


Races. Some cancelled, some not.







New phone.


Lots of time with loved ones.
















Sweat It Sunday #6

 photo 57b62c6c-774c-4766-b493-4c30ff186170_zpsd10e1748.png


Strength: :30 on, :30 off for 10:00
MB Situp Throws (12# ball)

Skill: Toes 2 Bar

WOD: 3 x 4:00 AMRAP

Round 1
10 Kettlebell Swings
14 DB Thrusters (20#)

Round 2
12 DB Thrusters (20#)

Round 3
10 Thrusters

Scores: 79, 76, 72

30 minute walk in the evening


3 miles


WOD: 25:00 AMRAP

30 DU
30 Box Jumps
30 DB Single Arm Snatch (25#)
30 Wall Ball (12#)

Score: 547


3 miles


WOD: 14.3  8:00 Cap

10 Deadlifts 95#
15 Box Jumps
15 Deadlifts 135#
15 Box Jumps
20 Deadlifts 155#
15 Box Jumps
25 Deadlifts 185#
15 Box Jumps
30 Deadlifts 205#
15 Box Jumps

Score: 97

185# kicked my butt…and my back! As much as I would like to retry this one, I don’t think it is worth the wear and tear on my back.  As a personal trainer, I was not very happy to see this WOD show up.  It’s not the movements, it the increased weight with increased reps. Yes, people should be able to step away and say this is too heavy or I’m too fatigued to continue, but in the competitive environment that is very unlikely to happen.  Instead people get their backs all jacked up or throw it out like I saw someone do at my box.  It is just a very dangerously designed WOD.


Get Lucky 7K race!

Get Lucky 7k Results photo Get_Lucky_7k_Results_zpsc4b163e4.png

Get Lucky 7k Details photo Get_Lucky_7k_Results_2_zpsf14618f7.png

This was my first race of the season, and boy am I out of practice!  I forgot to plug in my phone, so I started by *luckily* waking up to my internal alarm clock; then nearly forgot my race packet and chip because it’s so foreign to me to have to pin a number on myself; I way under dressed for the weather and the fact that we would be running along the river…but once I got to the race site, I felt ready to rock. The Get Lucky was a fun race environment and full of green costumes! My only complaint was the line up of pacing.  On the website it said they would send out elite, 7 and 8 minute paces out right away at 9am, and then 9 and 10 minute paces would follow at 9:15am, finally ending with 11 minute and slower paces as the last heat.  Well between the announcements being muffled and unclear and people just not knowing where to place themselves, there were tons of walkers/slower paced people in front of me, to the point that when I reached the finish line I had to dodge some walkers to cross it. Very frustrating.  I know this is a fun run, but I also wanted to see what I was capable of coming into my first race of the season.  I am happy with my time, but I know I could have been faster had I not had to dodge runners/walkers the whole 7k.  Again, other than that is was a great race, complete with Irish bands on the course and beer at the finish.

Get Lucky Bib


Today will be a recovery day from 14.3…time to get out the foam roller, lacrosse ball and compression socks.

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I will be referring to December as Runcember this year, as I am using this month to re-dedicate myself to running. The past two months have been very shaky with running, and I mean I probably put the kicks on about 5 times. I signed up for the Monster Series last month, so with the races I am already signed up in the back of my mind I need to get back in the saddle! Here’s what my line up looks like for 2014…

Get Lucky 7K


Minneapolis MARATHON


Women Rock Half Marathon


Monster Dash


I know there will be more races that I jump in on, but these will be the ones I focus on this year….especially that marathon (#2)!

I got my first run of Runcember in with a 6 miler with my running partner who I haven’t seen in months! Awesome 25 and sunny day out there, great for midwest winter running!

Anyone running any of these?

What do you do to motivate yourself to run?

What I Learned From Being A Pacer

BL Medal

As you may remember I was a pacer for the Biggest Loser race held in my hometown this past weekend.  This was my first time being a pacer and let me tell you I learned a lot!

Lesson 1

I went into this half marathon with minimal training, but agreed to being a pacer for the race because it is 2:15 a mile slower than what I typically run for a half marathon.  I would never suggest doing this, but I was fortunate that my body could handle… and by handle it I mean come out incredibly sore, but not injured. 

Lesson 2

You never realize how much your stride changes when you slow your pace until you do it for an extended period of time.  My muscles hurt so much more after this race, because my stride changed due to the pace I was running, than any other half marathon I have ever run.

Lesson 3

I went into the race knowing this race was not for me, it was for everyone else wanting to finish in 2 hours and 30 minutes.  I did not invite or tell any of my family or friends to this race, because I didn’t want to be distracted from my “job” for the race.  Although I knew the race would not be for me, I ended up taking so much out of it that the race really gave more back to me than I ever thought it would.

Lesson 4

I have heard from many people that it is a gratifying experience to pace for others, I found that out at mile 12.1 of my race.  As I passed a girl with one mile to go, i heard “F* yeah!”  I turned as I slowly passed her and asked what was up? She yelled, “I’m going to PR! My last pace was 11:52, I’m going to PR!”  At this moment I felt the true joy of pacing!  She did not stick with the 11:30 pace, but came in just slightly behind and it was awesome to see her celebrate at the finish line.  I gave her a hug at the finish line and the whole experience nearly put me in tears.

Lesson 5

I can pace myself and I can run 13.1 miles without stopping.  This was the first time I have ever run a consistent pace and the first time I have ever run the entire distance continuously.  I started out using my Garmin, but I just don’t trust that thing and the pace just seems off, so I ended up using my split cheat sheet.

Pace Sheet

Tomorrow my family is getting together for a “Grub Club”, where we all make a dish we have never made before and then we eat and evaluate them all.  I plan to make a paleo recipe, but the rest of the family probably won’t have anything remotely paleo.  Look forward to a post of paleo and non-paleo recipes soon!